Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Down the Stretch

The only way the BYU Cougars get into the NCAA tournament this year is by winning the WCC tournament.

And that definitely could happen... That is, if Tonya Harding showed up with a club to take out Elias Harris and Kellly Olynk's knee caps. Keep them boots tied, Tonya!

Baylor, Virginia, and Villanova are teams that a lot of people like to make the tournament. I think they each have more work to do.

Ole Miss gets Alabama at home next week... should they lose that game, they're out. California is fragile too. The Bears need to take care of Utah, Colorado and Stanford at home to close out the season.

2/27/13 Bracketology                                Next Update: 3/4

EAST (DC)                                                            WEST (LA)

1Indiana University Athletics     philly                  1-Gonzaga Bulldogs           philly
16-Charleston Southern                                        16-Long Beach St
8-San Diego St                                                     8-Colorado St
9-Missouri                                                           9-North Carolina
5-Oklahoma St                     san jose                   5-Butler                           austin
12-Creighton                                                       12-Boise St vs S. Miss
4-Marquette                                                        4-Kansas St
13-Louisiana Tech                                               13-Bucknell

6-Pittsburgh                    kansas city                   6-Oklahoma          salt lake city
11-St. Marys                                                       11-Belmont
3-Arizona                                                            3-New Mexico
14-Weber St                                                        14-Stephen F Austin
7-NC State                            dayton                    7-Illinois               salt lake city
10-Middle Tennessee                                           10-Kentucky
2-Michigan Wolverines                                         2-Louisville Cardinals Athletics
15-Florida Gulf Coast                                           15-Stony Brook

SOUTH (North Texas)                                          MIDWEST (Indianapolis)

1-Kansas Jayhawks           kansas city                   1-Duke Athletics           auburn hills
16-Northeastern                                                   16-Southern vs Norfolk St
8-Memphis                                                           8-VCU
9-Wichita St                                                         9-Oregon
5-UNLV                                   austin                    5-Wisconsin                        san jose
12-Cincinnati                                                        12-Iowa St
4-Ohio St                                                              4-Syracuse
13-California vs Ole Miss                                       13-Detroit

6-Notre Dame                 auburn hills                    6-St. Louis                            dayton
11-La Salle                                                            11-Akron
3-Michigan St                                                        3-Georgetown
14-Davidson                                                          14-South Dakota St
7-UCLA                              lexington                      7-Minnesota                      lexington
10-Temple                                                             10-Colorado
2-Miami Hurricanes                                                2-Florida Gators
15-Niagara                                                             15-Harvard

Boise State University, Cal BearsThe University of Southern MississippiOle Miss Rebels

Tennessee VolunteersAlabama Crimson TideUniversity of Virginia, Villanova

Baylor, Xavier, Maryland, UMass

Valparaiso, St. Johns, St. Josephs, Iowa, Arizona St, Charlotte, Denver, Indiana St

Check out The Bracket Matrix! This bracket is included with most others on the web (Yep, Lunardi too) in order to create an average seeding for all 68 teams.

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  1. THanks for the reply to my comment on your last bracket.

    Well - you're making progress at least, lol, with UVa the 3rd team out instead of 5th out. :)

    We need to do our work tonight at the JPJ v. duke - (I'll be down there going nuts) and I suspect you'll neeed a 'mid week' bracket adjustment tomorrow morning. Will I see that tomorrow? :)


    DCWahoo a.k.a Joseph P. Hoops :)

  2. It looks like you were the good luck charm, Joseph P Hoops! It's safe to say you'll see UVA move up a few spots when I update the bracket...

    Now, could you hurry and fly out to Utah and bring BYU some of your luck against Gonzaga. BYU is down just 4 points at half. But more importantly, our big guy is not in foul trouble. It's a miracle! Go Cougars!